Impact for the world, tailored for you.

The Social Impact Journey Dashboard offers students a comprehensive platform to track and amplify their contributions towards societal betterment. By utilizing this dashboard, students are not only equipped with the tools to make a difference but are also empowered with the belief that they can change the world.

Pioneering paths to optimal brain health

At the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health, we are not merely researchers; we are guardians of cognition, stewards of brain health, and advocates for a life well-lived. Together, we unlock the secrets of the mind, guiding individuals toward a future where cognitive vitality knows no bounds.

Improving lives with impact-driven research

At the Center for Cognitive and Brain Health, we use our network’s knowledge of brains, minds, and bodies to guide current and future generations to happier healthier lives through novel interdisciplinary interventions. Through thoughtful exploration, CBH identifies problems impacting society in this realm and perform research to address them.

Can listening to the Beatles improve your memory? New research says music just might stir the brain

Psyche Loui, an assistant professor at Northeastern who studies music’s effect on cognitive health and the brain, has found that many of the sensations we experience by listening to or producing music can be quantified. And such quantification, she says, can help imagine practical applications of music, introducing both pleasant benefits and potential medical intervention.